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ring▓ the afternoon the peasant turned aside to h●is village, and not far beyond, the horseman l●ost his way.I could not but spe●culate on the small chance I should have ●had alone on a route which eluded ●a native well ac

quainted with the co▓untry.We had followed for some dist●ance a wild gorge which, ending abruptly▓, offered us on one side an impassable▓ jungle of rocks and trees, and on the o▓ther a precipitous slope covered f▓or hundreds of feet above with loose shale a●nd rubble.The officer dismounted and▓ squatted contentedly on his haunches.In t●he course of an hour,

Buyers. Sellers. Proprietors. Agents.


during● which my companion had not once moved exc▓ept to roll several cigarettes, ▓a bedraggle

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d fellah approached and replied ▓to the officer’s question by pointin●g up the unwooded slope.T



hree times the hor●se essayed the climb, only to slide helplessl▓y to the bottom.The Arab handed


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